Druid Summit Tel Aviv

Druid Summit - Tel Aviv

Druid Summit – Tel Aviv
October 27, 2022

Today, digital organisations need real-time insights delivered through internal and external applications. This requires developers, like you, to build apps that bring together streaming data and interactive analytics to push real-time visibility to the next level. But with 100’s of databases out there how do you know what the right architecture is. 

Do you find yourself asking – how can I ingest millions of events per second? How can I analyse billions of rows interactively in seconds? How can I scale to thousands of end-users concurrently without a steep expense?

Apache Druid provides the flexibility, efficiency, and resilience needed to support your analytics applications at scale, for streaming and batch data. 

Join us on Thursday 27 October for an insightful event to learn from data professionals and industry experts and Imply, about how to build an analytics architecture to power your applications.  

We’re finalising an amazing agenda, places are limited so reserve your place now!