Druid Summit 2021 Recordings

Keynote – Building Modern Analytics Applications with Apache Druid

Fangjin Yang – Imply – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Keynote- Fireside Chat with the Original Creators of Apache Druid

Gian Merlino – Imply – Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Vadim Ogievetsky – Imply – Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer
Fangjin Yang – Imply – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Eric Tschetter – Imply – Field CTO

Keynote – Evolution to Data Mesh

Jay Kreps – Confluent – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Keynote – Unveiling What’s Next for Apache Druid and Imply

Gian Merlino – Imply – Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Reddit: Advertiser Audience Forecasting with Druid

Sundeep Yedida – Reddit – Software Engineer
Qasim Zeeshan – Reddit – Engineering Manager, Ads

Real Time, High Concurrency Use Case in Fraud Detection

Kundan Jha – PlayGames24x7 Pvt Ltd – SDE3

Realtime Analytics for Overall Platform Monitoring @ Poshmark

Gaurav Shah – Poshmark – Associate Director Data Engineering
Mahesh Pasupuleti – Poshmark – VP Data & ML Engineering

Streaming Patterns and Best Practices for Enabling Machine Learning and Analytics with Apache Druid

Devin Bost – Overstock – Senior Data Engineer

Optimizing Druid at Pinterest

Jian Wang – Pinterest – Tech Lead

Running Druid: From Opinions to Insights, to Action and Impact

Florian Wirth – Ippen Digital – Head of Business Intelligence

Optimizing Memory Utilization In Druid Batch Ingestion

Agustin Gonzalez Tuchmann – Imply – Software Engineer

How to Enable Natural Language Query for Druid with Alphaa.AI

Saurabh Moody – Alphaa AI – Chief Data Scientist

Reducing Dashboard Latency by 10x with Apache Druid

Gabriel Garcia – Cisco ThousandEyes – Lead Software Engineer

Building Lightning Fast Dashboards Using Apache Druid & Apache Superset

Srinivasa Kadamati – Preset.io – Senior Data Scientist

The Importance of Exactly Once Semantics for Analytics Processing

Neil Buesing – Rill Data – Principal Solutions Architect

Migrations: OSS Druid to Imply

Tika Salvi – Imply – Sales Engineer
Peter Soderberg – Imply – Senior Solutions Architect

Challenges in Building a Highly-scalable Metrics Platform for Observability

Bhanu Kovuri – AppDynamics – Director of Engineering
Birinder Tiwana – AppDynamics – Principal Software Engineer

Migrating Our ML Insights Platform To Druid

Drew Dahlke – WhyLabs – Senior Software Engineer

Keep Druid Honest: A Journey of Testing Druid

Savitha Raghothamarao – Imply – Senior Engineering Manager
Andy Tsai – Imply – Senior Software Development Engineer in Test

Pushing the Limits of Druid

Navis Ryu – SK Telecom – Software Engineer

How Citrix uses Druid to Prevent Security Threats and Stop Malicious Attacks in Real-time

Arun Janarthnam – Citrix – Senior Principal Architect

Anomaly Detection with Druid

Vijay Narayanan – Imply – Senior Solution Engineer
Jyoti Shekhar – Imply – Technical Success Manager

Confluent Cloud: Operational Insights at Scale

Zohreh Karimi – Confluent – Software Engineer
Xavier Léauté – Confluent – Principal Engineer

Realtime Classroom Analytics Powered By Apache Druid

Karthik Deivasigamani – Noon – The Social Learning Platform – Chief Architect

Performance Tuning of Druid Cluster at High Scale @ ironSource

Elad Eldor – ironSource – Data Engineering Infrastructure Team Leader, Mobile Division

How Druid can Help Analyse Video Services Metrics for QoS & Marketing Purposes

Anthony Courcoux – Hexaglobe GROUP – Fullstack Developer
Pierre-Alexandre Entraygues – Hexaglobe GROUP – CTO

AI Powered Predictive Analytics Platform using Apache Druid

Ahmad Eldefrawy – Deep.BI – Data Team Lead/Project Manager

Best Practices to Store Data for Query Performance in Druid

Jihoon Son – Imply – Software Engineer

Sherlock: Automated Anomaly Detector on Druid

Guruganesh Kotta – Yahoo – Senior Software Engineer
Jigar Patel – Yahoo – Senior Software Development Engineer

Migrating to Druid with the Help of Airflow

Radek Maciaszek – Skimlinks – Chief Architect

The Lessons Learnt From Building Star Schema Type-1 Dimensions With Druid Joins in Shopify

Jianbin Chen – Shopify – Senior Data Developer

Druid Optimizations for Scaling Customer Facing Analytics at Conviva

Amir Youssefi – Conviva – Principal Software Engineer

Behavior Analytics at PayPal Powered by Druid

Mohanraj Anandan – PayPal – Senior Engineer
Aride Chettali – PayPal – Architect

Operating Druid: Stories from the Trenches

Abhishek Agarwal – Imply – Engineering Manager
Tijo Thomas – Imply – Senior Solutions Architect

Moving Away from Multi-level Aggregates: Efficiently Scaling Data with Druid @ Amobee

Kevin Peng – Amobee – Data Engineering Manager

Deep Dive into Druid Metrics

Nishant Bangarwa – Rill Data – Cofounder

Druid for Flexible Decision Making at Stitch Fix

Tianji Li – Stitch Fix – Software Engineer

Tales from Support: the Most Common Questions, Mistakes & Anti-Patterns We See Supporting Druid

Ben Krug – Imply – Senior Support Engineer
Bala Thiyagarajan – Imply – Technical Support Engineering Manager-WW

Rakuten Analytics and their Journey with Druid

Cyril Roque – Rakuten – Data Engineer